Transforming sales

Transforming sales 08 December 2014

Understanding today the sales transformations that will shape tomorrow.

Transforming sales



We are living in the most uncertain times of the last 200 years, in which everything is continuously transforming, and this undoubtedly also regards sales.

Nowadays we cannot talk about “our customers”; today, customers come and go and “pollinate” us with their choices, with the things they see and know.

Today we must ask ourselves: “Which specific sales transformations are of interest to us? How can we make the sales process more effective and efficient?”

Sales are not just a question of management but also of planning (sales making) and productive conversations with customers.
Sales are always the product of a systemic rather than a strategic approach where to have a role on the market the business must assume strong positions and ensure that the customer views their relationship as an exchange of value.

Those of us that work in the sales world must develop planning expertise as well as an understanding of the market and our new tools; we must hybridise skills and expertise that enable us to emphasise the present, but, at the same time, create the conditions for a better future.


We design projects that help businesses and their sales systems to innovate their sales model, which is increasingly more of a service model; we work to reduce the gap to the customer, going beyond the distinction between B2B and B2C, and more and more towards B2All. L We do this by training all people and roles involved in the sales processes, creating projects to give form to sales content and focusing above all on storyselling.  


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