Supporting change in people

Supporting change in people 08 December 2014

Plan and manage methods, content, paths, courses, tools for supporting and enabling people to grow.

 Supporting change in people



Whereas in the past roles and organisations came with a high level of permanence and specialisation, the uncertainty and continuous changes of today demand an unceasing ability to adapt. 

Today, organisations must have flexible people that are able to acquire new skills and use new tools, that can adapt to unexpected changes and reconcile different viewpoints in order to produce new, value-added solutions.

Our businesses are increasingly straight-jacketed and enabling talent to emerge is difficult. We need to move on from rigid roles and make the “competency cluster” more dynamic and richer in meaning. In fact, every person is a link to knowledge and skills which perhaps we haven’t yet given a name to (i.e. which we haven’t yet managed to identify as such) and which we often cannot even access. 

Every business is an organism that must promote the exchange of roles between “those that know” and “those that don’t know yet”, between those learning and those teaching, between those that are in contact with the customer and all of the others. In this light it is important to redesign the “grid” of talent, both personal and professional, supporting and motivating change in people. 



We design courses, projects, paths and training systems that aim to support people’s growth, honing their ability to be ready and “solid” when it comes to new challenges. Fewer CVs and more biographies! We create training projects to transform businesses from “organisations” into “organisms”.



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