Placing the emphasis on customer service

Placing the emphasis on customer service 08 December 2014

Designing a unique experience, planning “exchanges” to secure attention, time, energy and resources. With our Customers, our colleagues, our “Network”.

Placing the emphasis on customer service



End customers are faced with a constant hyper choice of products, solutions and services, and must decide which physical-digital retail outlet to enter and which solution to purchase (if they are purchasing).

The real challenge for the business/brand is to ask itself: why and how will the customer make their purchase tomorrow and will they come back to purchase from us? What will we exchange with them? What service experience/promise are we offering them that stands out from the others?

Today it is not just a question of what the customer chooses and buys but also how and where they buy it or how they access it.
It is necessary to strike the right balance when planning a unique and multi-dimensional experience, remembering that the classic purchase cycle is no longer that “real”.

Our challenge is to offer an unrepeatable experience, planning the “exchange” to secure the attention, time and energy of the customer and, at the same time, to offer them a distinctive service that generates real value.



We design projects that structure new “before-during-after” experiences, integrated physical-digital experiences (Iceberg model), working in particular on constant support and engagement in order to reach out to the customer without waiting for them to “come to us”. In addition, we develop real conversations with them and their community in order to establish a circular relationship (feedback) that encourages their return.



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