Integrating physical-digital sales channels

Integrating physical-digital sales channels 08 December 2014

Planning and developing sales and communication systems that create synergies between the various channels of contact with the Customer.

Integrating physical-digital sales channels



The hybridisation of the context makes it necessary to find new equilibriums, on the understanding that the purchase cycle is no longer linear as it was a few years ago nor the way it used to be. 

Stimulating, research, fusion, interaction, access, exploration, engagement, purchasing, usage, presentation, payment, feedback: these are all tiles in a mosaic that crosses, mixes and brings together the physical and the digital. 

But is it still correct to talk about the physical and the digital? Our customers now enjoy a unique experience, without any distinction, combining e-commerce with visits to stores, comments on apps and on the social networks etc.

Businesses must rethink their relations with the customer, designing a multi-channel experience that, in every cycle created around purchasing/access and the use of products/services, remains consistent with the values of the brand and its uniqueness.

They must understand and know how to govern every touchpoint with the customer, creating synergies and a strong unequivocal message. In every channel.


We design projects and experiences with a strategic approach guided by design to develop new business and retail models.
Because the things we “touch” and the things we “don’t see” - what we call the “Iceberg Model” - should be developed together.
Fewer pyramids and more icebergs in this new approach to marketing and service design.


Service Design, Branding & Visual Design, Experience Design, Content design & Storytelling, Video Making & Motion graphics, Digital Strategy.