Developing business and service models

Developing business and service models 08 December 2014

Designing and maintaining innovative services with a balance between quality and sustainability.

Developing business and service models



We struggle nowadays because we often confront reality with tools and methods that are increasingly outmoded, connected with a static culture, bound up with methods, working models and production values that are detached from the needs of customers, out of tune with the fluidity and hybridisation of the context.
We expect the customer to choose us, to buy from us, and to return. When in reality we don’t have an interesting “value” system for them.

Today we are asked to address this reality in a different way, rethinking our business approach and finding new equilibriums in order to grow. 

We need to take a disruptive approach in order to capture new “slices” of the market, an approach that is both innovative and sustainable for the company, and which always revolves around the customer. A new business model for the company, new services, new sales channels, new customers, new skills.


We design projects that organise people, activities, time and resources to identify opportunities, to identify alternatives (design of options), to define the new business or service model.


Service Design, Strategy, Digital Strategy, Growth Strategy, Community management, Experience Design.