Designing the future

Designing the future 03 October 2014

Planning and supporting transformation processes, listening, understanding and defining priorities to create value again.

Designing the future



The exponential acceleration of technologies is a reality and WE, thanks to this, are experiencing a transformation not an evolution today.
The advent of technologies is accelerating changes in all areas: products, services, corporate processes.
People now buy things in a different way, they use new technologies to live in a different way and they exert increasing power over businesses. We live in a complex, dynamic context whose confines are blurred, and in which we talk about hypercompetition rather than competition and hybrid technologies rather than analogue and digital.

As such, we must ask ourselves: “Where do we want to take our business, division, team, network and in what timeframe? How can we carry a business towards a future we feel is better for us?”

Objectively speaking, every organisation should look inwards and plan new departures for itself, for its divisions/departments, for its commercial community, and for the ecosystem to which it is connected. Although the future is increasingly unpredictable, this does not prevent businesses from being able and wishing to imagine it, of believing and doing, of therefore taking new directions and accepting new challenges.

The future is an “action” we carry out together, opening up both inside and outside the organisation, which becomes ever more of an organism. 

Without collaboration there can be no direction. Without direction there is no collaboration.



We use the "funnel" method and the design of options to identify and envisage scenarios comprising of people, activities, timeframes, tools and actions to support the transformation of businesses.

By scenario we mean a process by which the company “imagines and shapes” the future it desires, consistent with its identity and the role it wishes to play in the context and with its customers; a process that leads and supports the organisation in a strategic, sustainable and meaningful development process.



Service Design, Strategy, Digital Strategy, Collaboration Design, Growth Strategy, Content Design & Storytelling.