Logotel | Citroën YOUrban experience

Logotel | Citroën YOUrban experience

Logotel | Citroën YOUrban experience

Logotel | Citroën YOUrban experience

New Citroën C3: unconventional training

New Citroën C3: unconventional training 21 November 2016

How can you motivate a sales network and train it on your new product by taking an extraordinary approach?

New Citroën C3: unconventional training


The people in charge of training at Citroën, supported by the Logotel team, held an “unconventional” training experience for almost 700 people in the Citroën sales network. The “YOUrban Experience – Drive. Snap. Sell.” initiative took place over six sessions.




To mark the launch of the New C3, an important opportunity to meet and dialogue with the sales network, Citroën wanted not only to familiarise the network with the technical characteristics of the product and enable it to feel comfortable with the new car, but also to motivate dealers and transmit to them the brand’s approach as regards the Citroën product and service purchasing experience.




The Citroën team and a Logotel team made up of trainers and designers worked together on sales style content proposed by the brand, examining forms of teamwork that would engage people, encouraging their active and shared participation.
The test drive, during which the Citroën Sales Team came into contact with the New C3 for the first time, was devised as a key moment in the training process and innovative compared with the classic test drives that dealers usually take part in.

e-nergie, the business community dedicated to the sales network that Logotel manages together with Citroën and which celebrated its 12th anniversary during the days of the “YOUrban Experience”, played an active role in all of the training sessions.
e-nergie’s contribution to the “YOUrban Experience” project took the form of online teasing activities, entertainment and support for the members of the Community during the event, and in-depth training content after the event.




As well as focusing on the new Citroën C3, the “YOUrban Experience - Drive. Snap. Sell.” concept seeks above all to place the spotlight on the Dealer experience, as underlined by the prefix “You”.

The training day was repeated in six different sessions from 6 to 15 October 2016 at Fabbrica Borroni in Bollate (Milan) and involved an average of 110 participants each time, addressing an audience of Citroën Dealers and Employees, with a final round dedicated to Dealership owners.
The event alternated plenary and open mind moments - designed to make people even more aware of changes and future sales scenarios - with teamwork to closely examine certain aspects of the Citroën customer purchasing experience.
In particular, various actions were taken to highlight the advantages of this new shared approach:

Exercises with take-home thoughts relating to both the world of automotive sales and the broader context;
Mystery shopping videos specifically shot for training purposes to familiarise participants with the reality of the sales panorama;
Exercises with storytelling dynamics regarding sales and the acquisition of new habits.

The test drive, YOUrban Mission, involved dealers in an extraordinary way: the traditional group format, usually used to enable several people to test different vehicles in a single outing, was replaced by a gaming on the road feature that required the direct participation of the dealers.
The teams had to pass three tests in three different places by taking photos, following specific briefs, using the ConnectedCAM Citroën™, a camera on board the New C3 that allows you to take pictures and shoot videos, showing what is happening in front of the windscreen.

The photos were then sent to a panel of judges which chose the winning ones, subsequently displayed at the end of the event, with the most creative participants receiving a prize.





6 training sessions
48 hours of training provided over 8 days
660 people trained including Dealership Owners, Dealers and Citroën Employees
650+ photos taken with the New C3 ConnectedCAM Citroën™ during the YOUrban Mission test drive
50+ “Happy birthday e-nergie” photos taken to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the Citroën Sales Network Business Community and shared on e-nergie