Logotel and L’Erbolario: creation of the sales technique manual

Logotel and L’Erbolario: creation of the sales technique manual 16 January 2018

How to help the members of a sales network consolidate a single sales technique through a series of courses and training tools.

Logotel and L’Erbolario: creation of the sales technique manual


Logotel has supported L’Erbolario in identifying a distinctive and recognisable sales technique, developed ad hoc according to the working method adopted by employees in L’Erbolario stores and in the herbal medicine shops, pharmacies and OTC drug stores that distribute the Lodi brand's products.

The sales technique has been transferred to the sales staff via a series of personalised training courses – which Logotel has organised together with L’Erbolario since 2006 – which led to the creation of a paper-based handbook and a quick guide aimed at all of the brand’s ambassadors.



The project stems from L’Erbolario’s need to supply its sales staff with tools that improve the quality of their relationship with the end customer and transmit a recognisable sales technique that is consistent with the image and values of the brand.

The aim is to improve the effectiveness of sales techniques and increase the average value of receipts through an empathic approach to the customer that generates loyalty and guarantees an optimal purchasing experience in all stores.



Logotel’s approach to meeting the needs of L’Erbolario began with an in-depth analysis of the brand and its underlying values, and the observation of the historic Lodi stores and their quality approach to the customer.

As well as Logotel’s knowledge of the company from Lodi, which goes back 10 years, inspections of the stores, dialogue and the shadowing of sales staff were crucial in forming, developing and providing the solution.



The series of indications and suggestions on how to make the sales process more effective and manage customer relations according to the L’Erbolario style are conveyed:

  • as part of a genuine sales programme with training courses that are held several times a year;
  • in two different practical tools accompanying the classroom training sessions: the L’Erbolario Sales Technique handbook and the Quick Guide to employing the L’Erbolario sales technique.

The residential training consists of a series of 3-day courses held outside the usual working environment and comprising both a theoretical part and sales simulations.

The topics covered in the classroom range from the purchasing experience to the various phases of the sales process and are supported with paper-based guide tools, useful manuals to be kept close at hand also in the stores.


The “L’Erbolario Sales Technique” is aimed at sales staff and follows on from the content studied in the classroom describing, for each relationship and sales phase, the context that influences the way they are managed, their various goals and the errors to avoid. It also has a few specific in-depth sections.

Every moment of the sale is introduced by three questions What? How? Why? to focus the attention of participants on the reasons that shape the approach to be adopted in each of the five phases: the key aspect is the explanatory element, which is able to convey to sales staff why it is so important to follow the suggestions that make up the L’Erbolario sales technique.


Thanks to this tool, the sales force can also put into practice what they have learned by doing the text exercises and specific learning tests.

The Quick Guide provides a practical summary of the Sales Technique so you can refer to the shared key concepts at any time.


The delivery of the handbook and the quick guide was immediately followed by the first positive feedback:

Through the use of a simple took like the sales technique manual I was able to improve my relationship with the customer and increase the value of the average daily receipt as a result. [...] highly useful little details which, when applied, increased my sales by 20% in the space of just one month.”

Maria Grazia, Owner of Erba Medica herbal medicine shop



33 “Profumo di Vendita L’Erbolario” courses held

726 hours of Sales Technique training supplied since 2006

580 people involved in classroom training since 2006

1 co-designed tool: the L’Erbolario Sales Technique

1 Quick Guide on the Sales Technique

6,000 printed copies of the L’Erbolario Sales Technique

12,000 printed copies of the Quick Guide

5,125 stores have received the manual

Over 9,950 people from L’Erbolario and its network involved