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Recruiting Game

Recruiting Game

Recruiting Game

Intesa Sanpaolo: Recruiting Game

Intesa Sanpaolo: Recruiting Game 01 December 2016

How can you support a major company in the recruitment of young talent while implementing new forms of engagement and storytelling?

Intesa Sanpaolo: Recruiting Game


The Recruiting Games are engaging and participatory recruitment events organised together with the Intesa Sanpaolo Group and in collaboration with numerous Italian universities. During these events, that took place in Turin and Milan, the candidates are asked to take part in an individual and team competition with the aim of expressing an evaluation on technical expertise and soft skills.

The Recruiting Games reinterpret the format of hackathons, creative marathons in which teams of professionals and students have a limited amount of time (usually 48 hours) to work together and solve the business cases proposed by the organiser to the best of their ability. 



The Intesa Sanpaolo Group expressed its need to implement original methods for recruiting recent graduates to work on its innovative projects.

In particular, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and Intesa Sanpaolo's departments of Human Resources, Information Technology, Big Data Lab, Insurance, Banca dei Territori and Corporate & Investment Banking developed together with Logotel initiatives that would use new ways of engaging candidates with technical and digital backgrounds and which, at the same time, would highlight the Bank’s appeal and its innovative approach.




Logotel focused on turning the recruitment process into an important storytelling opportunity for the Bank and a strategic touchpoint for reaching out to students of the “Millennial” generation.

After an initial planning phase together with the Intesa Sanpaolo team, Logotel developed the creative format of the event, the entire experience, the evaluation and voting mechanisms and instruments, the gamification levers for the team competition, the communication materials to support the event and the welcome kit materials, as well as taking charge of the direction of the event.




Each edition of the Recruiting Games (8 editions, from May 2016 to June 2018) lasted two days, at the start of which competing students met each other for the first time. 

The students were on different undergraduate courses, including Economics, Communication Science, Engineering Management, Mechatronics, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Telecommunications, Systemic Design, Finance and Banking Science.

The competition saw the students get to grips with the technical business cases prepared by Intesa Sanpaolo: Big Data, Cognitive Computing, User and Customer Experience, Blockchain, Data Science, Internet of Things, Insurance Design ProductsPotential acquisition of a player, How to optimize a company's treasury, Products and Coordination Mechanisms, Elements to consider for Clients' targeting and Business Performance Analysis.

In the case of the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, the Robothon event was carried out in collaboration with four partners for the development of the business case: Euronics, Leroy Merlin, OVS and SEA Aeroporti di Milano.
This edition was also carried out thanks to the support of start-up accelerator Gellfy and SoftBank, which provided the Innovation Center with Pepper robots, which were programmed by participants during the event.



At each edition, the Recruiting Games kicked off with a general meeting featuring speeches and ad hoc content.

Once the teams had been formed according to the instructions of HR, the groups took part in intermediate tests, supported by the Intesa Sanpaolo tutors and the Logotel team.

During the group work, Intesa Sanpaolo technical judges and HR assessors observed the participants and the team dynamics, assigning individual and group points on the basis of the characteristics that emerged: from problem solving skills to leadership, technical expertise to interpersonal skills, and so on.


The intermediate tests involved:

developing ideas to solve the assigned business case
implementing the ideas and the project
presenting the ideas with a pitch made to everyone

During the intermediate tests, the points assigned were used to create a leaderboard that helped the panels of judges evaluate the work carried out. The event concluded with the announcement of the winners, who were offered permanent jobs and internships with letters of intent signed on the spot by the managers of Intesa Sanpaolo. All students received an attendance certificate.

Here's the video produced by Intesa Sanpaolo at the third edition of the Recruiting Game, which took place in the Innovation Center of Intesa Sanpaolo in Turin, in the skyscraper designed by Renzo Piano:




8 editions of the Recruiting Games 

25 permanent job offers at Intesa Sanpaolo

fixed term contracts offers at Intesa Sanpaolo

100+ internships at Intesa Sanpaolo

550+ participating students

20+ universities involved