L'Erbolario and The Scent of Sales

L'Erbolario and The Scent of Sales 20 November 2014

How can we transmit the brand’s values in the product and service sales style?

 L'Erbolario and The Scent of Sales



A genuine training ground for transmitting the brand’s values in the product and service sales style



Company Requirement

L’Erbolario Franchising needed to create a distinctive and recognisable sales style which was consistent with the values of the brand and which represented a value added service for its end customers. 




Logotel Answer

Logotel created a customised course based on the specific distinctive features of this brand. In addition, reserving space, in the first part of the course, for the current scenarios that characterise the world of sales in every sector, it gives participants a broader view of the trends of the market and the innovations that distinguish it. In this way it provides participants with inspirational tools so they can reflect on their role.



Project Description

Logotel organises a series of residential courses for the customer that are held several times a year. Residential means a 3-day full immersion course away from the regular working environment and context.

The courses involve a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part the course topics are focused on customer experience and the sales process, analysed in every detail. As for the practical part, one of the focal points is role-play (sales simulation) which provides an opportunity to reflect on the optimisation of contacts with the customer, on the behaviour of the sales assistant and the interaction with the sales space.

The goal of the courses is to analyse market scenarios, the process of change, the specific nature of the role of the seller and the communicative skills they bring into play with both internal and external customers.

As the name itself suggests, the training ground exercises the skills of every seller in every sales phase, both individually and as part of the entire process of developing customer coach skills in relations with the customer.



The project in numbers

3 day course in hotels


400 people involved so far