TIM: E-volution

TIM: E-volution 20 November 2014

How can we transform a large indirect sales network into a community that collaborates and undergoes training every day?

TIM: E-volution



The Community dedicated to TIM’s indirect business sales network channels. 


Company Requirement

In a fast-moving and highly competitive market that stands out for its high levels of innovation - not just in terms of supply but also for its ways of managing relations with its customers - the company needs to manage a relationship of mutual exchange with all of the protagonists of its distribution network in a continuous, frequent and rich way.


Logotel Answer

Since 2001 Logotel has supported TIM in the planning and management of this sales community. A community in which services, content, training programmes and incentive logic are renewed every year in line with the challenges and evolution that the customer has experienced and continues to experience (mobile telephony, fixed telephony, integration of offers, new indirect channels, internet boom, smartphones and digitalisation, cloud computing, omnichannel). 




e-volution is the business community dedicated to TIM’s indirect sales network, thanks to which reps from various channels can get training on the challenges facing the business. A digital environment, but not only, in which information, training, incentive and innovation services meet and are combined with the daily goal of creating both individual and collective opportunities to improve the sales service and the management of the relationship with the business customer. And that’s not all: it is also an important meeting point for sellers who can use it to exchange comments and opinions, and highlight news that comes to their attention.

E-volution is managed by a co-sourced multidisciplinary editorial team that supports a daily schedule of information, content and social incentives, which is integrated with other tools of contact like newsletters, webinars, podcasts, dedicated freephone numbers, help desks via mail, and management of Twitter accounts. All of this following a schedule that takes account of the evolution of the context and marketing and sales priorities.
New usage, exchange, engagement and trading-up records are set every day. 




5 Communities dedicated to the sales channels with experiences, schedules, profiled instruments
1 identity Provider for the sales network and repository for the training provided in class
1 entertainment and engagement plan to maintain high levels of participation and attention with personalised bonuses and goals 
5 contact touchpoints: online, helpmail & freephone number, e-volution App, editorial team Twitter account
+20.000 accesses to interactive tools to monitor sales performances and training  

+100 “special” editorial products (podcasts, infographics, navigable maps, landing pages, surveys and instant polls, …)


The daily pulse from the Community

70 comments published on average
2.000 business documents updated
+300 hours of training supplied