Enel Energia: e-Goodlife

Enel Energia: e-Goodlife 14 June 2017

How to support the development of a smart-home service to offer an integrated set of innovative solutions to end Customers

Enel Energia: e-Goodlife



e-goodlife is the new smart-home service by Enel Energia. It has been designed and developed to provide an integrated ecosystem of inventive solutions that make a real difference to consumers’ everyday lives.
With e-goodlife, they can control the house and monitor domestic consumption, saving time and energy, and enjoying peace of mind at home and when out and about.



The project is part of Enel Energia’s wider strategy that recently saw the Italian multiservice company extend its offering with innovative high-quality, high-value services for everyday use, home and away. 



The B2C smart-home solution is a unique mix of services and enabling technology. It was developed collaboratively over 18 months, with Logotel supporting the Enel Energia team and its technology partners through the project’s various phases, from a Customer needs analysis to defining the concept, bringing in commercial partners and designing the user interface.
The process began by identifying end customers’ real, practical needs in order to design a system that provides a tangible response. The concept and the value system were then developed, and an initial pilot of the smart-home application was delivered. Enel Energia’s first test on 400+ customers garnered qualitative and quantitative feedback (via interviews and analytics, respectively) that helped to improve the solution and co-design the full version for launch onto the market in late 2016. New features have been developed during 2017 to integrate with smart-home products and services; e-goodlife is a dynamic ecosystem that keeps on growing.



The e-goodlife system is based on 3 core areas:
• monitoring energy use
• controlling and protecting the home remotely
• accessing additional value-added services.
It is all tied together by a gamification approach that rewards customers for the objectives they achieve.
e-goodlife, then, is a service hub, a system that integrates technology devices from webcams and smart plugs to safety sensors, transforming them simply and intuitively into truly personalisable services. For example, end customers can decide when to receive notifications that a window has been opened; they can switch on the entry light when the front door opens; or they can use the webcam to see if the kids are home from school. What’s more, with e-goodlife, all it takes is a click or tap to control domestic appliances remotely, to protect your home even when you are out, and to save time thanks to the online-shopping service.

The system has been co-developed using people-centred service-design methods to put the users at the heart of the process, from the concept to the choice of core-value services and the design of the user experience at the service’s main touchpoint: the e-goodlife app. Developed in partnership with Enel Energia, it provides real benefits every day, freeing up consumers’ precious time and giving them peace of mind.




18 months’ co-design

3 increasingly feature-rich versions developed

400 end Customers testing the prototypes before launch

2 main user touchpoints: apps for smartphones and tablets