EKIP - PSA Group

EKIP - PSA Group 13 May 2016

How can we redesign services and functions to support the business for a multi-channel and multi-brand network?

EKIP - PSA Group


EKIP is a platform of services aimed at professionals working in the Parts Sales and After Sales Service network of the PSA (Peugeot, Citroën and DS) automotive group.



The challenge was to build a single contact and exchange environment that, using shared logic, languages and tools, interfaces the PSA Group with the market through the service ring represented by all the professionals involved in the spare parts distribution and garage assistance network.



Logotel designed a digital environment to support the business, to offer a greater service to the network, improving communication processes and trigger new synergies between the participants in the sector. This environment is not only able to quickly and efficiently collect all management software made available by the Group, but can also function as a touch point to gather the views of people on the front line with the customer.



EKIP arose out of the convergence of four previous Communities - the oldest of which dates from 2004 - that over the years allowed the PSA Group network to self-learn and self-sustain virtuous growth processes.
EKIP supports after sales professionals with the publication of tutorials, further training and the use of gamification elements, assisting them to achieve business goals and service quality, improving product awareness and encouraging the dissemination of positive experiences. EKIP also increases the level of efficiency, making all the tools consultable and the information and business contacts of the official partners (manufacturers of tyres, accessories or work equipment) accessible with just a few clicks.

Speeding up the contacts between the network and management, the community is set up as a multi-level listening channel that facilitates the circulation of market feedback, while also boosting the sense of belonging to the PSA "Team". Logotel has also implemented tools within the community that allow professionals who work in the network to independently create quotations and advertising materials, so as to present their customers with personalised offers that at the same time respect the Group's communication standards.



1,200 people registered
91% hits every month
14 different professions contained in one only digital platform
1,500 monthly contributions