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DRES - Diesel

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Diesel: DRES

Diesel: DRES 28 September 2016

How can we support a worldwide sales network and create engagement through a collaborative services community that reaches America, Japan, China and Oceania?

Diesel: DRES


DRES is a service platform run by Logotel for the Diesel Group.

The DRES Business Community is a system of Retail Education, Empowerment and Engagement for store staff (managerial or not) of single-brand stores (outlets and full price) and Department Stores in North America, Europe and China, including Hong Kong, and Japan.
Since 2018 the project has been gradually extended to the whole Distributor channel, which reaches people in Central and South America, Europe, the Middle and Far East, Oceania.
Logotel designed for and with Diesel a system that supports the redefinition of its approach to the customer, in order to create an innovative customer experience.
The system is still growing and new openings are planned in countries that are strategic for the brand (Japan in particular).



Diesel SpA is a brand of the OTB (Only the Brave) Group, the parent company of fashion brands Diesel, Maison Margiela, Marni, Paula Cademartori and Viktor&Rolf and of the licensed brand production and distribution companies Staff International and Brave Kid.
Customer needs:

• To guide and support the Diesel sales network in achieving its business objectives by improving knowledge of the product and the quality of the offer, through training and incentivisation plans.
• To develop a collaborative Web environment on a worldwide scale for store staff, in which to gather the initiatives organised by the company's various "personalities", both at headquarter level and for each country.
To increase the sense of belonging to the "Diesel Tribe", sharing the company's core values.



Logotel has developed a service platform designed to bring together the 3,000 or so store staff, who for the first time are to have access to a single digital environment that unites them and puts them in direct communication with each other, overcoming cultural and geographical barriers.



The DRES Business Community is an important step in a process of transformation that began when Diesel HR created a new training programme with the support of Logotel. The programme has a classroom and online component, to maximise learning and trigger ways of sharing best practices.

The digital experience was then extended and typical business community features integrated into the training, including gamification tools and new editorial content, designed and produced together with a multidisciplinary Diesel-Logotel team.

DRES now offers an advanced user experience in terms of collaboration and involvement.
The platform is designed specifically for viewing on your tablet. Indeed, Diesel has supplied each store with a dedicated iPad to access the Business Community. However, all content is also accessible from any other device, maximising the effectiveness of their penetration.

The Store Teams in 23 countries in four different continents now work together on DRES.
Each content (text, video, learning objects...) is professionally translated into seven languages (English, Italian, French, Spanish, German , Chinese and Japaneise), not only due to the linguistic diversity of the countries involved, but also taking account of cultural specificities.

By accessing DRES, Diesel people can also share Store experiences through photogalleries, view infographics and interact with a variety of learning objects, compiling learning assessment questionnaires both for training and product issues, use the teamwork support tools, test their skills in achieving KPIs, and thus improve behavioural aspects, coaching skills and sales techniques.



3,300 users authorised to operate in the Business Community (Store Members and Head Office in charge of the management of the stores)
7 content translation languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese)
23 countries involved

+5,600 contributions posted by users on the Business Community each month