Banca del Piemonte: sales tools for home mortgages

Banca del Piemonte: sales tools for home mortgages 20 September 2017

How to improve the advice experience by finding new ways to offer and communicate home mortgages

Banca del Piemonte: sales tools for home mortgages



Developing B2B and B2C tools to support sales of mortgages and insurance-product bundles.

The B2B tools help the bank’s advisers to consolidate a revamped and consistent sales process built around the Customers’ needs by leveraging the products’ various features and benefits.
The B2C tools help the bank’s customers make an informed choice of the most suitable product for them, guiding them through the process of obtaining a mortgage.




Banca del Piemonte needed to devise a communication and service model for its Customers. The bank wanted a way to help customers to understand their offering and the specific product benefits and to choose additional financial services.
Their aim was to shape and consolidate a distinctive communication style at the pre-sales and sales stage for this kind of product.




Logotel’s approach began with an in-depth analysis of the category and the features of the bank’s mortgage range and allied products. This included internal interviews, branch visits, and design-research studies on several competitors.

The various elements came together in the development of the communication model and the B2B and B2C sales-support tools.




Building a customer-communication and -service model meant developing a new language and new content to fully express Banca del Piemonte’s identity and values and to translate them into tangible, distinctive elements to describe and articulate their offering.

To help new customers understand the offering and the products’ specific benefits and to guide them through the process of choosing a Casacquisti BP mortgage and related products, we developed sales and communication tools for use on the Banca del Piemonte website.



In particular, we created various promotional materials. These included explanatory videos, digital banners, postcards and brochures on mortgage products as well as specific content and formats to support Banca del Piemonte advisers in developing a distinctive model for communication between the bank and its Customers.  



1 website for communicating the Casacquisti mortgage product

4 tools with dedicated original content to support product sales

9 pieces of online and offline communication and service content for premium and private customers

50 Banca del Piemonte branches involved