Next is now. All set for Phase 3

Next is now. All set for Phase 3 29 May 2020

Logotel reopens. Our via Ventura XV spaces return to life in complete safety, all transformed for new projects and adaptation to the new ways of working

Next is now. All set for Phase 3

Set of The Design Comedy

The feeling’s that of never having left. Were it not for the safety protocols and clutter of masks, you’d feel a great desire for normality when walking through Logotel’s open spaces - yet, more to the point, you’d feel yourself fully capable of knowing how to adapt to all that’s new as you begin experimenting with our ne(x)t  working, also within the physical spaces. Our very own.


How we’ve reorganized our spaces to return to collaborating upfront, and in safety

We’re more cautious now. We maintain distances, we have hands that smell of disinfectant and body temperatures tattooed upon our foreheads; yet ... our spaces have gone back to being places of design and experimentation around a new hybrid form. We can return to choosing whether to connect digitally or to be in Via Ventura dialoguing with our collaborators, experiencing teamwork first-hand. We’ve reclaimed our spaces of action to both generate value and meet the requests of Clients at this quasi post-Covid business moment - for which we’re all set.

Throughout the entire closure phase and from the very instant of our reopening, Logotel’s always been after the creation of fresh, forward-looking experiences, by taking care of collaborators and customers foremostly but also by doing research and seeking out Business, Design and Training solutions that’ll accompany us to Phase 3.

Today our offices breathe once more - on the one hand thanks to the faces of over 200 collaborators on remote-working shifts and thanks, on the other, to new projects that are physically shaping our floor plan: new meeting rooms, reconceived work tables and spaces transformed into true TV sets.

Thus have we done, as we continue to do - nourishing fresh expertise whilst creating physical-digital spaces that’ll be tracing the perimeter of our future.

Logotel's all ready.