The open beta story of our ne(x)tworking project. check out our most interesting experiments


Today we’re faced with two responsibilities. The former is a must: to limit sociality and keep our distance in order to decelerate infection. The latter is indispensable for the future: to guarantee continuity so as to emerge stronger from this emergency. Suddenly all routines and consolidated practices got superseded. Yet our customers demonstrate all the more confidence in us, allowing us to swiftly react and adapt. Never before in Logotel have experiments been conceived as much from every angle of our involvement: design, training, business communities.

Many of our best practices are not at once applicable, yet the new practices we’re creating are emerging even faster than we imagined. With such a wealth of experiences, we can hardly share all of these, which is why we’ve chosen to present here only our most interesting experiments.

We might call it the open beta phase of our Ne(x)tworking project. In this article we’ll be recording how our insights into these new work dimensions are taking shape.

Firstly, be all coordinated so as to manage a new way of working

Every month, Logotel schedules an appointment to share its most significant news: the latest business communities launched, high-potential e-learning solutions, new data viewing models. That appointment fell on February 26 this time round - the day we activated smart working owing to the spread of the epidemic. It wasn’t one to cancel, which is why we relied upon a collaborative solution. We knew a simple webcam connection could hardly suffice. These are not face-to-face type solutions but live, peer-to-peer exchanges. Not only. Many people get connected - all of them set to share their point of view. So we moved ahead. We defined a few, precise rules, times and roles (with the narrator sharing slides, questions being asked via chat, presentations all booked, and answers by the speaker following each presentation).

TAKE AWAY: We feared participant distraction and the "talking to each other" effect - as is typical of crowded call conferences. Instead, we developed a mini video-conferencing etiquette which made for free video conversation and a fluid chat.

The first-ever digital landscape. Logotel cultural events, widely spread out

Coronavirus hasn’t brought Landscape, our exploratory pathways on frontier themes, to a halt. Here’s how we gave some digital DNA to our live event planned on March 9 dedicated to the topic of Smart mobility and Smart Cities. An expert, together with 80 colleagues, connected to our collaboration platform - animating and boosting a widespread, virtual event that outrivalled every time constraint of the appointment. A debate that remains to this day was started on the chat of the event, nourished both by participant points of view and by case history exchanges.

TAKE AWAY: Our first-ever Digital Landscape is already a center of attraction for knowledge on the topics of smart mobility and smart cities. We could hardly foresee this and will certainly treasure it for the future.

From customer homes to the sales network, the Business Communities tighten distances.

On the evening of March 9, a few minutes into extension throughout Italy of the protected area, Gaetano Thorel, CEO of PSA Italy, asked that we speak to all dealerships and each of the Group's workshops - making their proximity felt and reassuring them of extraordinary measures being appled now and in the post Coronavirus period. Over these complex weeks we’re planning new forms of swift, widespread communication. In less than three hours we organized a direct streaming that connected Thorel, from his home, with over a thousand sales and service points countrywide – all thanks to our Business Communities.

TAKE AWAY: This wasn’t a mere technological exercise but an experience of caring for people. For the promptness and closeness shown by PSA Italia at a moment of such strong disorientation, we reached unprecedented numbers in terms of participation and positive comments.