Design for Life

Design for Life 25 January 2021

5 digital + 1 attending event in partnership with ENSCI to reflect on the role of designers and the challenges of tomorrow

Design for Life

2020 taught us how to live in a state of emergency and uncertainty. We have no doubt we will continue to move, work, live, understand and learn. But how are we going to do it?

In this context, design plays a leading role: faced with the need to operate a profound reframing of our life-work system, it has the ability to put people and communities at the center. Designers are the professionals able to imagine new scenarios and design experiences, in a future that is not just reaction and survival.

With Design for Life, Logotel and ENSCI, one of the most renowned French school of design, join forces in a new partnership to understand the impacts of the transformations we are experiencing.

Together with students and professionals, we will hold a cycle of appointments to understand what it means to "design for life", around life. How do we make the world and the services of tomorrow more desirable?

5 digital events to imagine the future with a multidisciplinary gaze, to form new points of view, train new languages and understand the evolution of designers.

On February the 8th, during the first appointment, we’ll talk about the "Next Customer Experience" and how our shopping experience has changed.


08.02.21 - Next Customer Experience
22.03.21 - Next Working
26.04.21 - Next Mobility
31.05.21 - Next Sustainability
28.06.21 - Next Learning
09.21 – Next AI & Creativity