Service design: Logotel and upcoming events

Service design: Logotel and upcoming events 09 April 2018

A series of events that introduces Logotel’s design vision to the realm of service design. From strategy to delivery, how can you make a real impact on people’s lives?

Service design: Logotel and upcoming events

What does service design mean today?
How has the role of service design changed with the transformations introduced by digital technology?

There will be various opportunities in the next few months to reflect on the world of service design and the evolutions taking place.

Here are the events we will be attending in order to share our view of service design which, for us at Logotel, must be people focused and human centred: for a service to function, its design must remember to put people and their needs at the centre and to consider the tangible positive impacts it can make on their lives.
A service has purpose and meaning when it brings real improvements to people’s lives.



Rethink! Service Design Stories is a project promoted by the Service Innovation Academy of POLI.designMilan Polytechnic and Leftloft, in collaboration with Regione Lombardia, which brings together designers, businesses and institutions with a calendar of initiatives and conferences on service design.

How does technology influence organisational processes?
What will the users and businesses of the future need?
How are services changing?
What is the impact on service design, production and distribution logic?
And how can service design support these processes to help the economic, social and environmental system to grow?

These are the questions that Rethink! will be seeking to answer during the next event on Thursday 19 April from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the Sala Pirelli of Palazzo Pirelli, 22 Via Fabio Filzi, Milan.
Logotel will be one of the 20-plus national and international guests at the event, where we will outline our take on service design through a number of project case studies carried out with our clients.

If you would like to know more about the programme of activities, which continues to evolve, then click here.
If you would like to take part in Rethink! you can register for free on the dedicated page of the EventBrite website.




ServDes, the conference on Service Design and Innovation, is a strategic research summit for the exchange of knowledge in the area of service design and studies on service innovation. ServDes has become a biannual international event that moves around Europe with the aim of gathering researchers and professionals to discuss and share the latest developments in the world of service design.
It is a chance for the various players in the universe of service design - hailing from the worlds of academia and business as well as design agencies - to talk and hear each other’s thoughts.

ServDes is organised around topics defined by the conference committee.
For the meeting of 18-20 June 2018 the discussions will be based around eight different themes:

1. Learning and practicing
2. Sharing and collaborating
3. Measuring and evaluating
4. Governing and evidencing
5. Producing, distributing and organising
6. Experiencing and shaping
7. Community and relationship building
8. Envisioning and evolving

Logotel will illustrate its vision in the Envisioning and evolving track, which aims to reflect on the future of service design and its different geographies and interpretations.

This track will explore questions relating to education, the environment, measurement and collaboration, and address developing areas such as design for policy or social innovation.

If you would like to know more about ServDes and the topics that will be examined during the conference, click here.



A follow up on the Rethink! Service Design Stories project during Milano Fall Design Week 2018 and a chance to discuss the hottest service design issues.
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