LOGOTEL: kickoff 2018

LOGOTEL: kickoff 2018 05 February 2018

Logotel’s unmissable event: our kick-off! Another year, another chance to get together to take stock and look at the next set of goals and challenges around the corner

LOGOTEL: kickoff 2018

Logotel | kickoff 2018

It’s kick-off time: run with the ball!

We wanted to start the year off on the right foot this year too, so what better way than with a little time 48 hours – spent re-energising, discussing and sharing?

Logotel’s kick-off: on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 February, at the historic VILLA FENAROLI in Rezzato, near Brescia.
It was the perfect chance to get stuck into the changes that lie ahead of us and to become ever more aware. Awareness means action and it will be our roadmap for 2018.


We focused on how to nurture our SELF, and how the SELF of each one of us helps create a COLLECTIVE SELF that is increasingly original and important. It has been a rallying call for those human responses that we must rely on in order to tackle the challenge of technology, an all-pervasive catalyst now that turns things into reality, into new jobs, into new knowledge.


The two days concentrated on working together and reflecting on the goals we want to achieve, with all the co-workers and guests from Milan to Turin, and from Madrid to Brussels, that took part in our kick-off.

180 people, 9 nationalities put their heads together to share ideas, discuss and train in order to understand the attitudes and approaches that are crucial for handling complex situations with the right planning. We experimented with non-traditional practices, tools and means.

Only a charismatic organisation made up of strong selves can trigger the extraordinary energy required to deliver the ideas, actions and behaviours that can help businesses and people make a difference, and have an impact.

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