Digital Impact: by Humans for Humans

Digital Impact: by Humans for Humans 02 March 2018

On 15 march an event at Logotel to discuss how to train, motivate and support people in the current context in which the impact of digital technology is not a choice but a reality to address.

Digital Impact: by Humans for Humans

Logotel | Digital Impact

On 15 March Logotel will be holding DIGITAL IMPACT - BY HUMANS FOR HUMANS, an event that forms part of Milano Digital Week 2018, four days dedicated to the culture of innovation.

What will we be talking about at Digital Impact?

We will concentrate on how to train people to adopt new mindsets; we will ask ourselves how to engage, motivate and support people and businesses in the evolution we are experiencing, and try to find the answers.

Because digital technology is not a choice; it is accelerating the transformations we are experiencing in our lives. In both the personal and professional spheres. 
During Digital Impact we will therefore begin by exploring these transformations, analysing the new challenges of digital technology and the impact it is having on people’s lives and businesses. We will examine digital technology from an anthropological perspective to understand how today people are the focal point for the planning and evolutionary transformation of businesses.

Digital technology is an enzyme that spreads and generates impacts and we have to be ready. Developing a new form of collaboration centred on people is not only a possibility but a necessity.

Why "By Humans For Humans"? Because through practical activities and projects we will outline how to prepare people, engaging them on different levels. 
This will be followed by a collective sit-down discussion on the issues that have been developed. 


Info on Digital Impact event:

Andrea Signorelli

Reservations only.

Spazi Logotel, via Ventura 15 - Milan.