Digital Impact: a new company culture

Digital Impact: a new company culture 04 April 2018

The digital transformation has already entered our businesses and become part of our lives. How can we guide the changes it will bring? How can we accompany people towards a new culture?

Digital Impact: a new company culture

Logotel | Digital Impact

Logotel brought together managers, entrepreneurs, digital specialists, learning experience designers, service designers and trainers, all people with different expertise, visions and perspectives, to discuss the impacts that digital technology is having, and will continue to have, on our everyday work and lives.
The main theme of the meeting was: how can we get people on board? Because only those that are able to achieve this will be able to guide the transformations dictated by digital technology.
The event, held as part of Milano Digital Week, therefore offered different points of view useful for understanding how to train people to adopt new mindsets, how to engage, motivate and support them in the evolution we are experiencing.
Because when it comes to digital transformation, for Logotel it will increasingly be people rather than organisations that drive change.

“Why "By Humans For Humans"? Digital technology is not only a phenomenon that is radically altering the geography of our horizon, it is an awareness of the reality around us. It is a cultural challenge. The transformation depends on our ability to strengthen human factors so we can manage the growing complexity of the context in which we live and work.”


Cristina Favini – Strategist e Manager of Design Logotel

In fact, behind every innovation and every new thing is a new “somebody”. Digital technology necessitates a genuine cultural change and businesses urgently need to get people on board. Otherwise there is the risk of losing out as a result of this transformation, standing on the sidelines and losing the chance to plan a future with social impacts.

According to Simone Colombo, Senior Manager and Community & Social Business at Logotel, we are all involved in these transformation processes, the impacts affect all generations. Digital technology affects our interpretations and changes the way we interact with reality.

“Also changing are our relationships and the way we instil informed processes of trust, and the enabling experiences we “live” with our devices in our hands and in front of our eyes at all times.”


Simone Colombo – Senior Manager e Community & Social Business Logotel


And what impact does digital technology have in the field of training?

Maria Grazia Gasparoni, Manager of Education at Logotel, believes that businesses need to think about new blended (physical – digital) training systems to motivate people to undergo continuous training, from the centre to the periphery and back again.

“We need to co-plan together with organisations, to experiment, to develop tools and methodologies, to foster a change in people’s mindsets and enable them to be Learner and Teacher every day, sharing experiences and best practices in a continuous learning process.”


Maria Grazia Gasparoni – Manager of Education Logotel

What transforms our intentions into actions? What engages and motivates us? What is the exchange of values between the parties concerned? Daniele Cerra, Senior Manager and Digital Innovation Officer at Logotel, responds:

““It is a virtuous circle: without motivation there is no commitment. Without commitment there is no engagement. No engagement and your motivation wanes. At this point we have to focus on identifying the key elements of intrinsic motivation. According to the most recent neuroscientific research and the most established theories of positive psychology these are autonomy, competence and rationality. As designers we leverage on these three assets to develop digital ecosystems and environments that drive motivation and collaboration between people.”


Daniele Cerra – Senior Manager e Digital Innovation Officer Logotel