Business Communities: the newcomers

Business Communities: the newcomers 17 November 2017

From China to Spain, from Italy to France, Logotel’s communities keep growing, supporting sales networks on sales effectiveness projects

Business Communities: the newcomers


Digital transformation requires sales forces to improve their skills in order to enhance sales effectiveness projects.
Logotel confirms its expertise in accompanying the processes of transformation of large business sales networks.

The family of our Business Communities has recently extended, taking to 30 the number of service platforms Logotel uses to accompany the people of Organizations, promoting relationships among them and supporting them with smart tools that help them in the everyday activities.
How do we do it? Thanks to the digital environments designed and developed starting from our Customers’ needs: providing homogeneous groups of people with tools for working, delivering training courses, creating engagement among the several business teams, supporting and guiding people in achieving business goals.

From this summer until November, 7 new Business Communities were born, which support in particular our Customers' sales networks.
Here they are:



WEMOTION Spain – Peugeot (PSA Group) 

13 November

After Italy and France, the community dedicated to Peugeot Sales Network opens the door also to the Spanish market and, more specifically, to 5,000 Salesmen and Staff of Spanish dealers.
Wemotion Spain is born at a particular moment, where mobility is shifting from the concept of ownership to the concept of service, and the final customer has changed its approach to consumption.
The Community is the tool that will drive the Spanish Network into the future of the brand and will allow Sellsmen to develop a series of mindset and the right tools to present products and mobility solutions in the best way possible; products and mobility solutions that the brand of the Lion will use to change the market's habits.
Selling is not an isolated event: it is a process to be designed and refined, accessible only with moments of transformation from within. How? Through paths of sharing, training, motivation, that generate real impacts.
Wemotion Spain wants to be the vector of engagement that will drive the Peugeot Sales Network into the Iberian Peninsula in the coming months.


4Grow – 4G

7 October
The project is addressed to more than 1,000 sellers from the 4G sales network, where they sell TIM products, and it will actively involve all business stakeholders. 
The business community aims at building a collaborative logic to continue developing excellence in service to retail Customers in an increasingly fast and hyper-competitive context. The community gives every single user the possibility to monitor daily their sales KPIs and allows area managers and store managers to check the performance of their area. In addition, a territorial wall will allow the users to collaborate in real time with all their colleagues in the same geographical area and receive custom sales competitions based on the individual store or person.


CYOU – Citroën France

6 October 
Logotel presents the community inspired by the urban and unconventional style of Citroën and dedicated to over 20,000 Salesmen and Staff of French car dealers.
The community not only is a support for sales and a boost for the relationships among the people of the network, it is also the digital environment where the values of a young and original brand like Citroën are shared.
Sellers can get inspired by dedicated contents, they can share experiences, keeping up-to-date receiving product and range information, become Pioneers in the Citroën Sales style and in the relationship with the final Customer.


DS Insiders Italy & France – DS (PSA Group)

4 October
Logotel's automotive team is expanding with the fourth PSA Italy’s Business Community.
After WeMotion (dedicated to the Peugeot sales network), e-nergie (for Citroën dealers) and EKIP (for the PSA sales and service network), DS Insiders, the new DS Business Sales community of the Premium PSA brand, is now online.
The project was born as a support to the birth of the DS Sales Network. With the launch of the DS 7 CROSSBACK, DS Expert Advisors were also born. They are true brand ambassadors: thanks to the community, they will more and more embody the mission and values of the brand, combining tradition with avant-garde and blending the style of the brand luxury of the car industry.

Working in synergy with Italy, the community dedicated to the DS sellers was born also for the French community of the DS Brand.
The world of automotive luxury goes beyond national boundaries and gets also to France, with the goal of creating a new network of DS Ambassadors embodying the DS values.
In the next months, the project will expand, involving the rest of European countries as well.


BEST – Benetton

4 September
The community dedicated to more than 2,000 people in Benetton's sales network and franchise stores is created.
A project that aims at providing expertise on shop management issues, developing sense of belonging, spreading brand identity, and creating a common language for both sales networks.
How is it possible? Through a clean-graphics-based service platform and some learning objects designed to allow a quick and fun consulting.
What is more, the contents of the community, ranging from sales to product to visual merchandising, and to role insights can easily be identified by icons which indicate the format and timing of consultation.
There is also a social space, the blog BeMagazine, dedicated to the latest fashion trends and a photo galleries where people can upload photos of their BEST practices.
All of this is meant to offer a useful tool for Benetton sales professionals, which support them in the relationship with the customer and which is also a source of inspiration.



6 July

After eight months of work, this past summer we went on-line with the fourth episode of the Costa Extra series: after Italy (2013), France (2014), Spain (2015), Costa Extra China has also been launched. The Business portal, dedicated to Costa Cruises’ trade channel, becomes the reference point also on the Chinese market for all of Costa’s business-development efforts .
The community, sprung from Costa Cruises’ desire to maintain and foster constant valuable contact with the travel agencies, offers travel agents useful, exclusive services, content and tools with a fast, reliable channel for training, exchanging ideas, and listening to their needs on digital, marketing, communication, problem-solving, monitoring and sales matters.




If you want to know other Business Communities we manage with our Customers, visit the Selected Works section of our site and discover the projects with which Logotel brings a concrete impact in the lives of people in the Organizations.