Design week 2015: Logotel presents "NEED"

Design week 2015: Logotel presents "NEED" 04 March 2015

It is a path of discovery of “needs” through 19 projects from both italian and international designer. Live from April 14th to 19th at Logotel in via Ventura 15

Design week 2015: Logotel presents



Demography, technology, climate, geopolitics, resources, social and cultural transformations: now like never before, change is posing real global and collective challenges, even in the individual sphere. These challenges prompt us to analyse and rewrite our system of needs, starting from questions like “What will we need in the future? What does the future need? Is there any point in planning and working to needs that are no longer current?”

To answer these questions, but above all to understand how design can play a fundamental role now and in the future in redefining and reshaping needs, service-design company Logotel presents “NEED, When Design Empowers Human Potential” during Milan Design Week in the Logotel space at 15 Via Ventura from 14 to 19 April

This show – or rather, this journey to explore “needs” through myriad projects by 25 Italian and international designers – takes different meta-design perspectives and relates them to one another. The event presents and spotlights various dimensions of change enacted by reinterpreting or refreshing certain types of need: individual and collective, on micro and macro scales, human or artificial, material and immaterial, present and future. From this viewpoint on the present, in fact, it becomes increasingly vital to broaden your horizons, to venture out there and listen, both to assimilate basic, elementary needs that are re-emerging and to look ahead to future needs. 


Speaking of #Work #Technology #Environment #Knowledge #Learning #Participation #Relationship #Beauty and #Care, the exhibition probes projects and studies focused on designing services, artefacts, utilities or scenarios with the aim of transforming and enhancing the individual, society and the environment to bear witness to a broad horizon of transformative possibilities. 

The Project & Content Manager for “Need” is Cristina Favini, Logotel Strategist and Manager of Design, alongside technical leads Susanna Legrenzi, curator of design exhibitions and both online and offline communication projects, and Stefano Maffei, Associate Professor at the Politecnico di Milano School of Design.

Ebola Protective Suit by Jhpiego and Johns University and Critter Bitters by Julia Plevin and Lucy Knops are the “highest-impact” projects. The first presents a prototype suit offering improved protection for health workers dealing with the Ebola virus. It explores the #Care dimension through a unique blend of functional design, bioengineering and knowledge of how infectious diseases can be controlled.

Critter Bitters revolutionises the American concept of drinks, with new cocktails based on insects. Yes, insects, for a key ingredient is crickets, processed by distillation and fermentation, then mixed with four flavours: vanilla, cocoa, toasted almonds, and – for the more adventurous – unadulterated cricket. The project explores the need to get over western society’s feeling of disgust about consuming insects, to make them more appealing.

The “NEED” exhibition, curated by the service-design company Logotel can be enjoyed on the website and on Facebook and Twitter through Logotel Horizon, the Logotel account that promotes public initiatives on design, innovation and the future. 

In 2014, Logotel won the Milan Design Award in the “Best Tech” category for its exhibition event Timescapes, following on from its nomination in 2013 for the exhibition “(In)visible Design”.


Opening Time

Tue 14th   , Fri 17th , Sat 18th 10 am- 8 pm
Wed 15th  10 am – 10 pm
Thu 16th 10 am – 1 pm
Sun 19th 10 am – 6 pm

(The images are courtesy of the designers)