We are designers, thinkers, makers.

Non solo seniority e competenze specifiche: i punti di vista, talenti ibridi e le sensibilità dei nostri team ci aiutano a fare la differenza.

We are designers, thinkers, makers

Expertise, experience, hybrid talents, different points of view, and the diversity within our passionate team, sets us apart. Want to get to know us?

Giuliano Favini Giuliano Favini


He has always believed in Sales and regards it as such a historically undervalued function that in 1993 he decided to create Logotel to support companies and their people in a significant change process that is far from taken for granted.
The 16 years he spent beforehand at IBM (5 of which as a major account seller) and his subsequent start-up in the digital private networks world (in 1986, almost 30 years ago) were the starting point for a continuously evolving and demonstrable Logotel project whose goals have always included that of creating benefits.
His ability to project is stimulated by his passion for old objects, objects made of iron, wood, stone and glass, memories of past lives. Some of which also at Logotel.

Nicola Favini Nicola Favini

General Manager
Manager of Communities

General Manager and Manager of Communities at Logotel, for years he has focused on providing consultancy and training to the sales networks of sales and distribution companies, B2B and Business Trade Marketing.
He works with and participates in conferences and seminars in Italy and overseas and heads up Logotel’s Business Community projects.

Laura Bartolini Laura Bartolini

Counselor Coach

At Logotel since 1997, she helped the company take its first steps and is now Chairman, Counsellor, Business Coach and Education Strategist. She supervises the quality of planning and the supply of training.
A senior coach with broad experience as a training developer and a trainer of coaches, expert in retail sales, company climates, the management and leadership of work groups, leadership, and emotional competencies in the professional arena.
She has a long-standing passion for History of Art and the precious world of the graphical language of children.

Cristina Favini Cristina Favini

Chief Design Officer

Strategist and Manager of Design, head of the Weconomy project, she has “designed” and managed service design projects for important Italian and international businesses at Logotel since 1998. Designer of the "Iceberg" model for the physical and digital transformation of the business and its sales networks, in the past years she has put her passion for collaborative innovation into practice, designing, implementing and sharing numerous concepts at international level.
She develops analyses and research, sharing her studies and the experience she has acquired at conferences, seminars and workshops.
Passionate about design, she collects “game books and artist books”, using them to explore the meeting of different languages and disciplines.

Maria Grazia Gasparoni Maria Grazia Gasparoni

Manager of Education

In the first 20 years of her career she held managerial roles in leading companies in the services sector. Then, in 2005, she met Logotel and decided to take on a new challenge: training and coaching. She now leads her team in the design and implementation of training courses and collaborative events. A passionate trainer, counsellor and coach, she is a leader or partner in both Italian and international multidisciplinary projects. She also manages ‘conversation tables’ and creative labs.
In love with her dogs, she often escapes to the countryside where she reads, cooks and creates new objects with vintage items uncovered at the markets of Piedmont.

Nicolas Gougé Nicolas Gougé

Directeur des Opérations (COO) - Logotel France

After a 2 year-long experience at the Elysée, Nicolas joined Logotel in 2014, where he manages the Logotel France team and all its projects.
For his Clients, he develops both long-term strategies and operative plans aimed at guaranteeing continuity within the projects he follows with his colleagues.
He’s passionate about movie costumes and food. He’s lived in three different continents, having spent two years in Canada and two years in China. He’s been a happy dad since 2012.

Tristan Rigendinger Tristan Rigendinger

Senior Partner
International Business

Tristan is supporting Logotel’s international business since 2014. He held global leadership positions in multi-national companies in Communications, Training (Sales & Marketing) and Customer Experience Management. Using humor and candor, he supports people and brands in convincingly communicating their “personality”, internally and towards clients. His pragmatic, strategic approach creates both, motivational and profitable interactions.
He is  inter-culturally  competent and has worked with people from  many  cultures. 
An international traveler for business and pleasure, he loves meeting new people, getting to know different points of view and can always be tempted by some local culture and … food :)

Gianluca Alderuccio Gianluca Alderuccio

Art Director

Designer and art director, at Logotel he has been following and overseeing the design team on visual design and branding, design strategy and design thinking projects since 2004. Throughout his career he has also designed products, brands, concept stores, packaging, events, visual identity and communication systems in both Italian and international contexts.
His hobbies include photography, travel and playing various musical instruments, but not necessarily in that order.

Alice Manzoni Alice Manzoni

Coordinator and Senior Manager Design

At Logotel since 2006, she shapes Clients' needs while managing national and international projects. She deals with the strategic design of new services for Retail, Finance, Fashion, Utilities, and beyond. A designer by trade and for passion, she coordinates multidisciplinary teams. She loves baking American cakes, strolling around and road trips, both two and four wheeled. But her first and main love is Arianna, her daughter.

Tiziana Cardile Tiziana Cardile

Coordinator and Senior Manager Design

Passionate about design in all its forms and facets, she joined Logotel in 2003 where she plans, follows and manages design strategy, service, customer experience and communication projects in the retail arena for leading Italian and international businesses. She is also coordinator of the design team.
Food is her biggest passion: she loves preparing it, discovering it and, of course, eating it.

Antonella Castelli Antonella Castelli

Senior Manager Design

In Logotel since 2010, she is a designer of experiences, contents and services who creates real value for the people, combining business goals with Customers’ needs. Enthusiast for any sort of empirical research, she looks, analyzes and maps new scenarios taking them into the projects she manages. A lover of gourmet cuisine, including traditional and experimental dishes, in her spare time she is a wedding planner and a guitar strumming.

Barbara Pagano Barbara Pagano

Senior Manager
Education Services

Logotel-Style since 1998. She coordinates and manages training projects, courses and events with area managers, project managers and coaches.
She is a body-oriented counsellor and leads experiential groups for maintaining one’s wellbeing and reducing psychological and physical stress. Passionate about travel and all things international.

Jessica Aroni Jessica Aroni

Senior Manager
Education Projects

She has worked in the world of training since 2005 and develops methods with great interest and determination in order to translate the strategies of Logotel customers into projects and concrete actions. She plans and helps implement change management and visioning courses, collaborative events and innovation design workshops.
A lover of logic and of horror movies, she always has her last trip in her heart and her next destination in her head.

Daniele Cerra Daniele Cerra

Senior Manager
Digital Innovation Officer

At Logotel since 2001, he designs the digital services conceived of and managed by his colleagues in the three areas. He also heads up the Internet and online training professional families of designers. Interested in all things digital, he has worked in the design, journalism, training and marketing fields since 1996.
Enthusiastic martial artist, cyclist and juggler.

Francesca Monti Francesca Monti

Senior Manager
Community & Social Business

With a background in the humanities, since 1998 she has focused passionately on digital environments and the people that inhabit them. Maker, start-upper of projects, tutor.
She loves Vasco Rossi and looking for treasure in words, in bookshops and using GPS.

Luisella Peroni Luisella Peroni

Senior Manager
Digital Social and Business Development

She has worked for Logotel since 1997 and since 2011 has been Senior Manager with focus on the growth of people and the coordination of Social Learning projects. She has been a radio speaker and editor, an account manager for a PR firm, a web editor and a community manager.
She has two daughters, is a brown belt in karate and is passionate about jogging and Russian literature.

Simone Colombo Simone Colombo

Senior Manager
Community & Social Business

At Logotel since 2005, he has dealt with many aspects of community management with a special focus on the instructional design strategies of projects.
With a background in philosophy, he is generous when collaborating with clients and colleagues and has a passion for metalearning. 
When he is not at the office you can find him in his garden, in his kitchen, in his library or on his bicycle.

Gabriele Buzzi Gabriele Buzzi

Senior Manager
Digital & Business Development

Piedmontese by birth, Milanese by adoption, from the city of Umberto Eco he harvested his passion for words, just as he developed his expertise to make a profession out of it from the Italian capital of communication.
In Logotel since 2007, he has worked beside small start ups and large organizations alike, giving each a voice to recount its story to both its offline and online audiences via B2C, B2B and B2 content strategy projects. Each is now capable of transforming messages into shared stories, to inspiring its people to action.
His eternal sources of inspiration: his daughter Gaia, the music to which he listens and plays, the places he covets within his DNA - from Alexandria to Milan, from Bologna to Chicago.

Monia Rende Monia Rende

Senior Manager
People Development

She has been HR Manager at Logotel since 2009, paying close and constant attention to the evolution of digital in order to keep pace with new recruiting systems.
She has many passions, but her biggest and longest-standing hobby is exploring the underwater kingdom. In other words, diving.

Elena Carione Elena Carione

Senior Manager
Administration, Finance and Quality

Head of admin, since 2005 she has coordinated a group of 4 people dedicated to providing daily support to their colleagues in the management of “numbers and paper”.
A passionate reader, she has been able to devour a book in just two days (when she isn’t working) ever since she was able to read and mix sounds.

Fabio Lombardo Fabio Lombardo

IT Manager
Platform Designer

Fabio has been working in the IT world since 2004 and in Logotel since 2011. He now deals with designing the Jump platform, defining Logotel’s tech strategy and coordinating the technical team that supports projects all across the business areas. A true Mac advocate, no operating system or programming language has any secrets for him. Passionate about technology both at work and at home, when not typing in front of a screen, he loves travelling and exploring different places and different types of food.

Andrea Lombardi Andrea Lombardi

Business Driver

Since 2009 he has worked with Logotel as a Business Driver, actively monitoring the sales and development of B2B and B2C communities, of Service Design and of training projects.
For many years he worked as a consultant and, later, an entrepreneur for heavy industry trading companies. He has also worked with important overseas groups on commercial development projects for the Italian and European market.
He loves cooking, music, art and spending time with his family in a ‘holistic’ way.

Andrea Signorelli Andrea Signorelli

Business Driver

Having landed on planet Logotel in February 2006, he is a member of the Business Driver team and is tasked with managing and developing its customer portfolio also through the activation of Prospect Customers.
He was previously Sales & Marketing Manager of a multinational in the market research sector.
Passionate about sport and the mountains, he loves discovering and tasting good wines and cooking up original and refined recipes in the kitchen.

Davide Chiarantini Davide Chiarantini

Business Driver

At Logotel since November 2013, he is a member of the Business Drivers team, consultants that work with the customer, helping them to channel their requirements and their desire to innovate. He previously acquired important experience in the ICT world, where he worked in international contexts.
A long-standing sports fan, he takes part in competitive sailing and likes yachting among the islands of the Tyrrhenian islands.