Making Together

“Logos” (in greco: λόγος): significa “discorso”, “ragione”, una delle parole-chiave del pensiero occidentale.
“Telos” (in greco τέλος): è la “meta”, lo “scopo” di un’azione, il fine etico dei nostri comportamenti.
“Logotel” vuol dire dialogare con una finalità precisa: la soddisfazione dei nostri Clienti.

Making Together

“Logos” (in Greek: λόγος): means “discourse”, “reason”, one of the keywords of Western thought.
“Telos” (in Greek τέλος): is the “destination”, the “goal” of an action, the ethical aim of our behaviour.
“Logotel” means interacting with a precise goal: the satisfaction of our customers.

Making Together, l'histoire continue

« Logos » (en grec: λόγος) signifie « discours », « raison », l’un des mots-clés de la pensée occidentale.
« Telos » (en grec τέλος) est l’objectif, le but d’une action, la fin éthique de nos comportements.
« Logotel » signifie donc dialoguer avec une finalité bien précise : satisfaire nos Clients.


Ne(x)t Working

COVID-19 has disrupted every plan for the future, opening new dimensions at work and in private life. We seize the challenge to design new tools, solutions and interaction methods - accelerating our own restart and that of our Clients. In other words, Ne(x)tWorking: the set of experiences and experiments that lays the foundations for creating a future work style by which physical and virtual spaces coexist. /p>



All of us need to refine our critical spirit, developing our own perspective of what we experience as well as what we can anticipate, manage and plan. From We to Me, from Me to You: POINT OF VIEW, playfully becomes POINT OF YOU. We’re not mere problem solvers but rather facilitators that help see different perspectives.


Do it with care

We truly invest care in our projects. It’s here we make the difference. Caring is when attention becomes intention. It’s the "how" that’ll make a difference and generate impact. ‘Doing with care` is a courageous action that generates a fresh result which we accompany with curiosity. What we do is who we are. Let's do it with care.



This was the year of the YES - Your Extraordinary Self programme, designed to take care of ourselves, see things from a different perspective, and provide our domestic and international customers with better support. Because meeting and guiding the experiences of People and organisations is an undertaking for Consistent People. This was the year in which we experimented with new integrated training models, and we reached the record-breaking number of 31 business communities in Italy and the world. With Enel, we won the 25th ADI Compasso d’Oro Award and became part of Design history. 



In a climate of instability, it became increasingly urgent to support projects. Service Design, from strategy to delivery to “life”, had a positive impact on People, organizations and the general context. Having an impact is not just about leaving a mark, it is about making a difference. We reflected on the impact that new technologies will have on our work and on new businesses through the Posthuman exhibition, opening the debate to the public and to businesses. Together with Tim, we won the Smau Innovation Award.



Given the complex scenario, we further consolidated the integration between skills, disciplines, languages, cultures and generations, strengthening the connection between the physical and the digital. The meeting of different worlds and cultures produced concrete and original solutions: this was the year of Play Original and When… meets. We experimented with new service models, and focused more closely on the generations: when a business meets young people, what is the outcome? Intesa Sanpaolo launched Zlab, the 1st training programme dedicated to generation Z.
The exhibition “Poetry – 21 words for…” registered over 14,000 visitors during Milano Design Week.



With new markets opening up and the general scenario evolving, the Experiences of Customers and colleagues started to change, making it necessary to redefine People’s requirements. To this end, we developed Need Design. Planning, developing and managing relationships and services required us to become “experts” about People, and about their needs, dreams, habits and emotions. Thus, our projects became People and Design driven. With the exhibition/event “Need - When Design Empowers Human Potential”, we explored the needs of the future, involving the public and businesses.



This was the year of France. Costa Crociere and the PSA Group took us to Paris, where we opened our 1st international branch. Today, we have 19 foreign colleagues. At that time, research concentrated on the time factor and, with Timescapes, we won the Milano Design Award.
We took part in the launch of the Made in Lambrate Association to foster social, cultural and economic development in the area.



The speed of transformations requires thinking about new ways to bring home results on a global scale as well. It's the year of the birth of the first international business community, which will soon turn global: with DRES, Diesel allows us to speak 8 languages every day. It is necessary to weave one's talents into those of others intrecciare i propri  to generate shared meaning, believe in abilities and projects in order to make them live: it's the year of Believe it and make it! Change comes through subtle transformations: we explore the subject with an audience and companies through the (In)visible Design exhibit.



It's the year in which collaboration becomes Logotel's signature: Making Together. The product of a collaboration is not always equal to the sum of its parts, but an exponential effect. Transformation doesn't happen if there is no motivation and participation.Logotel inaugurates its experimental path: Logotel Horizon, a container for cultural initiatives, dedicated to design innovation, the future, between avant-garde and concreteness, content and inspiration. Make Change Happen! We explore the subject of collaboration with the Making Together exhibit. Logotel is the 1^ Service Design Company in Italy.



This was the year of WeMake; the year of listening to our own, those who make our projects a reality. Logotel grew significantly, and the core team was expanded with the introduction of senior managers. This was also the year of our 1st collaborative training course involving 1500 managers: Wesion, a project dedicated to Intesa Sanpaolo’s Corporate & Investment Banking division. Confcommercio, Manageritalia and CFMT presented us with the Lido Vanni 2011 Award for Excellence: “The Business of We - excellence in training”.



We made our publishing debut with the book “Weconomy – L’economia riparte dal Noi” (‘The revival of the economy begins with Us’), written by Logotel and published by Dalai. The digital version was the 1st completely free book in Italy dedicated to the collaborative economy. Within 4 months, a second edition was printed, for a total of 5000 copies. This was then followed by a blog, events, journals and services centred on collaborative business.



We devised a multi-module course to train in-house coaches. This was the first of dozens of “Business Driver” courses organised from 2010 onwards, together with other formats that we developed in subsequent years to train new skills and roles.
This was also the year of Be Brave, underscoring the importance of qualities such as heart, courage and reliability.



We participated for the first time in the International Franchising and Trade Exhibition in Milan with “Real Sales” and in the REfuture event on the store of the future: 4 days of meetings to discuss new retail scenarios. This was the year of Be Curious - because to explore reality and be creative, you have to be inquisitive. 



In Guangzhou, in Southern China, we held our first 5-day workshop in Asia for entrepreneurs and professionals, introducing them to a design concept that goes beyond the mere concept of “product” and integrates the digital with the physical in designing Customer Experiences. Collaboration with the Lantao Academy of Beijing and Poli.Design continued over the following years with numerous training meetings.



Collective intelligence for a new sales model: the first Superstore redevelopment format was launched with over 500 innovative ideas, based on the co-design work of 400 People. This was the first time that mobile phone top-ups were sold at checkouts.



We open our “Centrino” training centre in Castello di Virgoletta in Lunigiana (Massa Carrara): a simple yet memorable place, also chosen for its ability to guarantee participants a people-centric experience.

Inauguration de notre « Centrino » (Petit Centre) de Formation à Castello di Virgoletta, dans la région de la Lunigiana: un endroit simple mais inoubliable, sélectionné notamment pour faire vivre aux participants une expérience à visage humain.



We take part in the Impatto Zero initiative promoted by LifeGate, offsetting our consumption with the planting of green areas in Parco del Ticino and in the forests of Costa Rica.

Adhésion à l’initiative  Impatto Zero organisée par LifeGate afin de compenser notre consommation en plantant des espaces verts dans le Parc du Ticino et les forêts du Costa Rica.



We moved to our current premises at 15 Via Ventura, the new design hub in Milan, in the post-industrial spaces of the former Faema factory: 1200 m2 of offices (extended to over 2000 in 2014), conceived, designed and furnished with the help of our designers to create a working environment that prioritises collaboration and the wellbeing of the Logotel People and community.



Enel, supporting the new Enel.si franchise network. We thus laid the foundations for the future Enel business communities, which in 2016 merged together in the EnelFlow community, today dedicated to over 14,000 People. 



We launch e-volution, a business community platform for reps of TIM Business Promoter, still active today: this is the first in a long series of business communities, even if they did not yet go by this name.

Lancement d’e-volution, la plateforme de business community pour les agents de TIM Business Promoter, toujours en fonction : il s’agit de la première d’une longue série de business communities bien que ce terme ne soit apparu que plus tard.



We spent 7 days at the former IBM training school in a park in the region of Rio de Janeiro, providing staff at the new TIM Brasile concept stores with training in creative sales. We later provided our training on ships, in the desert and on the beach, in Europe, in North and South America, in Africa and in Asia.



We headed for Peru to train and design Peru’s sales networks. Over the years, we have worked in numerous other countries: Brazil and Chile (2000), Turkey and Greece (2001), Algeria (2002), China (2005), France and Spain (2013), implementing our projects in over 40 countries across the world by 2018.



We designed our first concept store, for Kodak, adapting a sales outlet format for the Italian market. 



We provide our first consultancy in the retail segment, consisting of the “check-up” of a TIM retail store.

Premiers conseils dans le domaine de la vente au détail : il s’agit de faire le bilan d’un magasin de l’opérateur téléphonique TIM.



We launch our first training cycle for TIM consumers: for its sales network as of May, and later extended to store owners.

Coup d’envoi du premier cycle de formation pour la Consumer de TIM : à partir du mois de mai pour son réseau commercial, il sera étendu par la suite aux responsables des magasins.



We begin planning and testing the training process for the new business sales network of newly-formed TIM.

Début de la conception et des tests de formation pour le nouveau réseau commercial Affaires de la société TIM nouvellement constituée.



Account Planning project for SIP : this is the start of a partnership that is still ongoing today.

Conception d’Account Planning pour l’opérateur téléphonique SIP : c’est le début d’une collaboration qui se poursuit aujourd’hui encore.



Logotel was born from the intuition of Giuliano Favini, a risk-taker who has always believed in sales and the key role of the seller, and immediately took on the identity of a family company with the addition of Laura, Nicola and Cristina. From the outset, our approach, based on our desire to amaze and to anticipate change, has always had a clearly-defined goal: the satisfaction of our Customers.