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Ecco alcuni dei riconoscimenti che i nostri progetti hanno conquistato. Grazie alle nostre persone e ai Clienti che ci hanno dato fiducia.

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Thanks to our people and to the Clients who’ve trusted us, here are some of the recognitions our projects have been awarded.

Logotel wins the compasso d'oro

Logotel wins the compasso d'oro 21 June 2018

With the projects Bill 2.0 and "e-billing" for Enel, Logotel wins the most important award of Italian design. A service that has impacted on the lives of 30 million people in Italy

Logotel wins the compasso d'oro



During the celebratory evening of 20 June 2018 at the Castello Sforzesco, Logotel received the XXV ADI Golden Compass award along with other 16 winning finalists, which were selected after a screening of 283 products submitted to an international jury.

We started by asking the following question: how to transform the bill from a simple invoice to a service and a valuable tool for the end customer?
Redesigning the relationship with the end user by providing them methods and tools for the comprehension of their own expenses and awareness of their consumption of light and gas.

The service was entirely redesigned, bringing to life a new Bill 2.0, which is the main touch point of the service-system which includes also “e-billing”, an extension of the Bill in the digital format with a series of interactive tools for in-depth analysis.

The project was born to be closer to the customer: the bill is simpler, clearer and more sustainable.
The development of the Bill 2.0 and "e-billing" have in fact redefined the semantic, linguistic and graphic codes of the information contained in the bill.



The project implementation process involved a multidisciplinary team of over 70 people.
We started from the needs of the end customer, which emerged through the analysis carried out by Enel and Logotel, Initiating from the clarification of the bill requests received from Enel Energia's Customer Service department, and then tackling the different phases of the project: from the concept, to the tone of voice, to the contents, to the design of the interface, to the verification of the legal and commercial aspects, to the test with the final Customers, and finally up to the tangible production of the service.


"The bill is an occasion that involves millions of people in a specific time, space and content. The real transformation has been cultural, that is, by not considering the bill as sheet with numbers, but a real service that can help increase awareness of one’s energy consumption and therefore help in improving one’s habits.
The design was carried out by a multidisciplinary team made up of the Client, us and other skills set to double check, on one hand, the observation, listening and verification of customer needs: if the customer is really at the centre, the design methodology changes, people are the only point of concreteness on which the goodness of the service is measured. On the other hand, design has helped the ingredients of the system to collaborate in a different way: a system, which “brings together” not only people (invisible but present behind each "piece of service") but also infrastructures and technologies.
A system held together by a strong will, to create impact, with a service promise as simple as effective: a simpler, clearer, more sustainable bill for people. Design is therefore increasingly measured to "to design" the web of relationships within which customers meet and live their need. The Service becomes more and more a language of open conversation."


Cristina Favini, Strategist e Manager of Design of Logotel


"We are thrilled to receive this award which values our work in providing effective answers to customer needs. Thanks to tools such as the Bill 2.0 and e billing we offer a transparent, reliable and sustainable service with the aim of giving people more awareness of their consumption habits. The partnership with Logotel has proved successful and reinforces our commitment to collaborate with the best companies that, like us, have the goal of building a direct relationship with their customers."


Nicola Lanzetta, Head of the Italian Market of Enel


Here's what happened during the award ceremony and an interview to Cristina Favini:



The project, being one of the award-winning products, will be part of the Compasso d'Oro Historical Collection, which will soon open to public in Milan.

In the meantime, until June 26, 2018, it will be possible to see the exhibition of products nominated for the prize, at the Cortile della Rocchetta of Castello Sforzesco in Milan.